Quirky, original sculptural assemblages made from society’s cast offs. Using such diverse materials as discarded lampshades or teapots to create mythical characters, Janine’s sculptures have been seen in solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, regional Australia, Geneva and Paris.


Janine creates intricate drawings of her own imaginings, using fine pens and pencils. Such drawings sit alongside her sculptures as fine works of art.
In addition, drawing is used to develop design concepts and illustrate texts and documents such as stories, poetry collections, festival programmes, exhibition and wedding invitations.

Sound and Vision

Catherine writes songs and creates soundtracks for live performances. Guitar and drums are her original instruments of choice and she has been an  ensemble musician in theatre productions, dance performances, arts festivals, sporting and corporate events. Catherine enjoys using music technology in her short video documentaries and is rediscovering her love of still photography.


Stories underline everything PUBLIC MISCHIEF does. From big legendary tales to small moments in local history, stories of people and place inspire our concepts and collaborations with communities and event producers.