Blooming Lovelies

Brilliant in springtime and perfect for horticultural festivals and garden shows, this stilt-walking duo is inspired by the European daffodil and the Australian golden wattle.
Whether roving in a street parade or mingling with a festival audience, the colourful sight of Blooming Lovely! always creates a high impact. Recommended for all kinds of outdoor events and festivals where the act needs to be seen above and beyond the crowd.

Ned and Nellie Narcissus stilt walkers have brightened up the streets of Glebe St Fair, Cancer Council Relay for Life and Kyneton Daffodil and Arts Festival.

Blooming Lovely! – freshly cut flowers delivered straight from the garden to you.

Country Fair

In dazzling red and white, Country Fair stilt walkers celebrate the best of country life! Mostly seen at fairs, picnics and regional food and wine events, this pair extols the virtues of local produce. With a basket of goodies and sandwiches stacked high, Country Fair provides a sense of fun, whilst rejoicing
in good food, fine wine and community gatherings.

Recommended for regional food and wine events, market days, agricultural shows and of course picnic day at the country races.

The Shower Show

Frida and Felicity Froth roam your site with their mobile shower, challenging young audience members to beat their record 7-second shower. Shower caps and rubber duck provided. Whacky fun for those aged 5 to 95.

Roving entertainment with a ‘water wise’ theme, ideal for outdoor festivals and events promoting sustainability.


In gorgeous pink and sparkling white, two brides on stilts embrace the spectacle and romance of a traditional wedding. Break the ice and open a bottle of champagne with us at your next celebration, special function, or bridal expo.

Need some encouragement for the big day? Let us show you how to walk the aisle in (very) high heels, how to show emotion without shedding an actual tear, or simply how to decide between your friends for that all -important bridesmaid role.

For an original way to celebrate unions of all kinds, (company mergers, community celebrations or personal commitments), put Unbridled at the top of your guest list.


Merry mayhem on stilts.

Lively, playful and curious, these fools are great roving characters for festivals and events.  Ketchup and Mustard are simple souls and life is a big mystery to them.

Although they are both ridiculously immature, be assured they are completely harmless to all but themselves. They may hide from strangers, jump at their own reflection or play tricks on each other, but they love meeting new people.

These colourful characters are popular with young audiences and especially suitable for family-friendly festivals of all kinds.

Christmas Elves

Joy to the world! Get into the festive spirit with two fun–loving elves and their laid-back reindeer. Have you been good this year, or are there some things you’d rather forget?

Never mind – in the spirit of Christmas we’ll be taking orders from everyone and forwarding them by express overnight delivery to the big toy workshop at the North Pole.

Joyful roving entertainment for that unmistakable time of year.

Choc Tops

Straight out of the box! Lady Gateaux only travels first class, while her offsider Jaffa is perfectly content with the simple things in life. Sweet tooths will love these stilt walking chocoholics, created specially for Choc Rush Festival in Melbourne.

Horsing Around

Circus horses, jockeys or bushies on horseback! These versatile and energetic horses can accommodate any equine theme. How about a pair of fancy ladies on horseback, a manicured dressage contestant, or an overheated bushie to suit an Australian theme? We can mix and match, so tell us how we can dress our easy going horses to suit your event.

Paper people

Recycled fashion at its most glamorous. Paper doilies, crepe paper, wallpaper and an egg carton or two come together to create the ultimate retro look. Glamorous paper characters Petunia and Percival P.Paper, are straight off the pages of an historical novel, and are usually found in attendance at events with an environmental, fashion or design theme. Fireworks displays and swimming pool openings generally avoided.