Tash joins us at Djerriwarrh Festival

Posted on November 23, 2011 By

Maybe it’s because sustainability is the theme of the times, or the fact that there’s a new drive to get kids active -either way, Race Against Time has been really popular these last couple of months. We took RAT to Wodonga, Melton and Brimbank for their child- friendly outdoor festivals in October and November. Of course, being outdoors means we’re subject to the vagaries of spring weather and we got soaked in a thunderstorm at Wodonga, (only while packing up, amazingly) and sweltered in the heat at Melton. Our new recruit- Tash, helped us out at Melton’s Djerriwarrh Festival as she is a fantastic performer and great with kids. As a teacher of conservation and land management, she also knows a lot about sustainability. Welcome Tash!

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